What I Do

I am an excellent multitasker who works well with others, deals great with stress, remains positive, and seeks to lead others by example. My number one focus in life is to lead a life that sings praise to God.

I am a working professional in several different areas of business and ministry. My primary occupation from day to day is Partner/Producer at Excellence In Christian Broadcasting. We have been doing production for television and radio for over 15 years. The programs that I produce on a weekly basis are CrossTalk International, Today With God, Wize Flix, and April’s Storybarn. EICB also produces other outside work. Recently, I began serving on camera as well as in the role of producer within CrossTalk.

Outside of my work at EICB, I have served as the music and media pastor at my local church since 2004. My strengths in worship are team development, leadership, and helping others to be worshipers. I lead vocally on the piano, and sometimes from the acoustic guitar or rhythm electric.

I enjoy photography and graphic design and launched W2 Creatives to serve people through these art forms where I find enjoyment. This fostered a greater relationship with various companies and ministries including Longhorn Locker Company and AIM Lockers who asked that I take on the role of Director of Marketing for them – which I have very much enjoyed doing.

In addition, I partner in broadcasting, marketing, and programming for The Walk TV and ARCJ.

One thought on “What I Do

  1. Wow, Josh, pretty amazing how much you really do. And great job living an intentional life! When I saw your church address, I realized one more time how close you are to us. We should really get together sometime. Great sharing this class with you!


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