Can Connection Cause Disconnection?

As a media professional, it is seldom that I am unplugged. I have my cell phone with me every place I go. I check my email, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WordPress, Groupme, Whatsapp, text messages and any number of stupid games I play several times every day. Even when I am completely disconnected from modern […]

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Day 2 – Journey To Cuba 2013

This morning would prove yet another work of God as my parents flew from Miami to Havana. At the time of their check in, they still had not gotten their religious visas. They didn’t even have a tourist visa. The agency that arranged their travels made it very clear that if they had not received […]

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Day 1 – Journey To Cuba 2013

Going on no sleep is never a fun thing. However, the adrenalin was rushing through my blood as if it were trying to keep up with all the thoughts that were racing through my mind. Even though my entrance through customs in Cuba would not come till 5:30 PM Cuba time, the process consumed my […]

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Getting Ready to Simply Be Ready

The next several months were a whirlwind of things to get accomplished in order to make the trip a success as best I could. I began the process of breaking each episode down to individual parables and segments of scripture so we could quickly show a specific story while evangelizing. I started asking our CrossTalk […]

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Why Cuba?

For those unaware of the purpose of this ministry partnership in Cuba, I will try to briefly explain. My family and I have produced a television series featuring bite size portions of movies that dramatically reenact the entirety of the Gospel of Matthew, the Gospel if John, the Acts of the Apostles, and will soon […]

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Obstacles in the Lead Up

The time is 11:46 PM on day 4 of this trip and I have finally been given a moment to pause and take note of the events of the past several days on this second “Journey To Cuba.” This journey has encountered so many obstacles that it is extremely difficult to even recount everything. However, […]

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