Dallas City Skyline


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Why I Got My Masters


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After being in the media industry for 15 years, I decided to finally go back to school and get my masters degree. There were some who were curious why. I wasn’t going to move to a new job or work my way up the corporate ladder. I wasn’t going to get a raise in salary. It was likely going to be a huge strain on the various jobs I do have, my family and of course, my wallet. So why did I decide to enroll in Regent University’s graduate program?

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How’d You Get That Photo?


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It is no secret that I love photography. I enjoy looking for that perfect shot or finding beauty in something that others look past regularly. So often there are frame-worthy images right before our eyes but we are accustomed to looking past them. Capturing those shots and helping others find appreciation in something they previously ignored is a challenge that I like to accept.

Recently, a couple of friends and myself put on an art show down in the Bishop Arts District of south Dallas. I showed nothing but photographs and there was a great turnout of people who came to enjoy the show. There were a handful of my photos that people asked questions about throughout the night. Two of those are aerial photographs taken over New York City. People wanted to know how I got them and the story is actually somewhat entertaining. Continue reading

Should We Pay Church Musicians?


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If you have spent any amount of time working on a church worship team, you have inevitably encountered the discussion of paying musicians to play. This is a conversation I have had more and more lately. I should preface this blog by explaining I have been leading worship at my local church for over 10 years. We run around 250 people each week. Our team has consisted of gigging musicians, born-and-raised at this church musicians, and relatively young musicians actively growing in their skills. So when is it appropriate to pay musicians in church? Continue reading

Frozen in Time


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This photo is from a recent trip down to Cuba. The old truck was converted into a bus and used to bus large groups of people to a rare outdoor open-air crusade in the western part of Cuba.


Can Connection Cause Disconnection?


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disconnected-400x250As a media professional, it is seldom that I am unplugged. I have my cell phone with me every place I go. I check my email, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WordPress, Groupme, Whatsapp, text messages and any number of stupid games I play several times every day. Even when I am completely disconnected from modern communication technologies travelling somewhere, I always still have my laptop and camera with me. Does being so connected actually cause a disconnect?

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It’s not the Journey but the Destination


I enjoy photographing images that emphasize that life is a journey, but not the destination. This photo was taken on the cape of Massachusetts. The path may be rough. I may seem riggedy. Sometimes, it may be absolutely beautiful. Either way, when you get to the end of that journey, if you were on the right path, the destination is going to be fantastic!

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Most Important Story on the Internet EVER!


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Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the news? I am so exhausted at all the death and destruction in the world. I peruse Facebook and see all the shares of Victoria Osteen’s video snippet telling people to do good for themselves. The video is disheartening for me as well but the constant shares by everyone give it more press than the popular Ice Bucket Challenges.

The devastating news of ISIS beheading of James Foley and now Steven Sotloff is nearly enough to knock the wind out of a person. It is disorienting for me to see that level of evil so rampant in our world. My heart breaks for the families of these individuals. Sadly, I suspect the news is so depressing for people that it is simply easier to ignore that this level of evil even exists.

Nearly 4,000 rockets have been fired into Israel in the last 2 months and yet Israel is still vilified even beyond the most militant terrorist groups.

Almost a dozen airplanes have gone missing in Libya, supposedly taken over by Islamic militants. Continue reading

Whats Love Anyway?


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j&n-raw-19breaking glassI took my wife out the other night and the waitress seemed surprised. Today we are celebrating our 14th anniversary and are happier than we have ever been. When I mentioned to the waitress that we were celebrating our big day, she asked how long. Naturally, I told her to guess and she guessed 4 or 5 years. When we told her 14, she almost couldn’t believe it. After all, I look so young – Right?

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Live Worship Videos: Amateur vs Professional


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Worship Video BlogI’m a worship leader. I like to watch videos that were recorded during live worship recordings. More and more of these seem to be done because technology has made it easy. So, why not video the recording too? It seems that every church large enough to do a worship album also has the equipment to produce a video of that recording, but many of these videos are amateur productions at best.  Continue reading