The Power of Media

The above picture was taken in Sagua de Tanamo, Cuba in 2012. This is a small town on the far eastern part of the Island of Cuba. As with many nations, the further you travel away from the city, the less you see of technological advancement. The further east you go in Cuba away from […]

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This past May I had one of my biggest OOPS in photography. I was in the Kenai peninsula of Alaska just south of Anchorage. I decided to go down to the beach, not far from the place I was staying, to see if I could photograph some wildlife.  You could imagine my excitement when I […]

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In the past few years, I’ve really enjoyed looking for the perfect locations to take great cityscapes.  New York was some of the most enjoyable shots.  However, I really like the Seattle skyline.  I took this shot this past May when my beautiful wife and me visited with some friends on our way to Alaska.  […]

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The Inside Passage

I love art of all kinds.  Mr. Wheat helped kindle that passion in me as I went through his classes for the 6 years of jr. high and high school at Trinity Christian School.  Though I don’t paint, draw, or sculpt nearly as often as I used to, I do still engage in the arts […]

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