Following one of the most debated laws in Texas history, the Hope Mansion in Cedar Hill, Texas will be hosting its second annual Extravagant Hope Gala on Sept. 19.

On the first of the month, the state law on abortion will radically change, requiring women to receive state-directed counseling that will include information “designated to discourage” them from having an abortion. After the law goes into effect, minors seeking abortions will need to provide parental consent, and public funding will no longer be provided except in life-threatening cases or those involving rape or incest. The divisive new law will also call for pregnant women to get an ultrasound before obtaining an abortion.

Hope 60 tweetInstead of getting involved in the typical polarizing debates on abortion, the Hope Mansion focuses its efforts on providing a positive environment, which encourages pregnant women to consider adoption as an alternative. The program spreads hope by inviting these women to live, eat meals, gather necessary clothing and get counseling, all at no cost to the individual. The gala will raise money to cover a mother and child for an entire year of living at the Hope Mansion. The event will enlist the efforts of more than 400 attendees to reach out to their friends, family and social media followers to pay the cost of one day of expenses incurred by the mother and child, $125.

In this way, pro-life advocates are taking a positive approach to fighting abortion by helping to provide free housing and meals, case management, educational classes and counseling to the otherwise lost women of all backgrounds.

Hope 60 Flyer backWho: The Hope Mansion and hopefully you                                                            What: Extravagant Hope Gala fundraising event                                                     When: Sept. 19 from 7 – 9 p.m.                                                                           Where: Sheraton Dallas Hotel                                                                                        400 North Olive Street                                                                                          Dallas, Texas       

Why: Help encourage pregnant women to choose life

Cost: $50 per person                                                                                          RSVP:   Hope Mansion                                                                                                  1595 Mount Lebanon Road                                                                                        Cedar Hill, Texas                                                                                               972-293-3370   



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