Newest Tool in the Media Toolbox FOR JUST $6

ShiftJonathan Malm from showed me this new app this past weekend called Shift. It’s a well spent $6. I can take any photo on my phone, add effects, textures, and even video motion overlays. In the past 5 years, I have used all different screen resolutions at the church. Some were as wide as 24×6 feet which is super wide. Creating graphics for that can be a pain – especially when you also have to be ready to project on a 16×9 or 4×3 at the same service. Shift simplifies this by allowing you to select your screen resolution right in the app. They include the resolution needed when you us a Matrox triplehead2go like we were using at that point. When you are done creating the background motion graphic you like, you can save it to your phone, the site, or something like dropbox. Simply drop it in your presentation software and use it as your background behind the song lyrics or scripture verses.

If you have anything to do with the presentation value of your Sunday morning service, I recommend checking out the app. I’d also suggest you check out if you haven’t already. Join their email list and get updates when people post great ideas on new stage designs and how-tos. Download the app and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. And of course, if you don’t follow my blog, I’d love for you to join the list by filling out the option on the right and of course, follow me @scrapper24.

Shift 2

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