1 Way to Avoid Annoying Website Hosting

As the title suggests, website hosting can really be a pain. I’m not a web guy. I don’t claim to be and I never have. However, like many people, I have still had to fight through several different hosting sites. I have helped to set up websites for churches, businesses, and of course, myself. There are so many options out there and you never know what the real differences are.

Let me tell you, if you go with some of them YOU WILL HAVE HEADACHES! Not that this is anything fancy but I figured I’d point out that the one I have found the easiest to use, the best interface, and the nicest customer service is Bluehost. They are inexpensive and even someone without much knowledge of web development can work their way around it.

Sorry for the shameless plug but they made me a fan.


Bluehost Helpdesk
Tell Me More
Sign Up Now page


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