Ever Thought to Buy “Likes” on Facebook?

Have you ever wanted to increase the visibility of your “page” on Facebook? There have been a few times that I have sought out to try to build up the “likes” for a specific page I was working on for a client or friend. One time, I decided to go ahead and pay for the boost using the advertising feature on Facebook.

I went through the process and narrowed down the search for the type of person that I thought would be interested in the group or page that I was working on. After watching this video, I’m not so sure that I would bother doing something like this in the future. Actually, at a recent trade show I was at, I spoke with the person responsible for social media of a large ministry. This individual has been able to boost the likes and shares for their organization dramatically and she shared that she gets 50% of the followers to actually read, share, like, or comment on the posts that she creates. I won’t go into the specifics but she basically pointed out that it had nothing to do with paying Facebook or anyone else. Rather, it was being intentional with what was posted, when it was posted, and what the goals were in the specific posts.

Just in case you are one of those people who simply hate social media, you might check this out. If you are interested in some proven ways to boost your influence on Facebook or other social media platforms, I encourage you to read this. If the video doesn’t work for some reason, this is the external link.


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