I’m pretty lucky

Today was Valentines Day. It wasn’t an overly mushy day here in the Weiss house. My wife spent the last several days in the hospital with kidney stone issues. Naturally, I have spent the last several days with her trying to do whatever I could to be there for her.

I have now spent the last 14 of them with the same person and love her with everything in me. It isn’t that uncommon that I get some kind of teasing because of our little exchanges on Facebook or her constantly praising me on social media for some small thing that I may have done like actually putting my clothes in the dirty clothes or going the extra mile and placing my dirty plate in the sink instead of on the counter.

But today, like every other day of the year, my wife wanted to go above and beyond to tell me how much she loves me. Even though she has been in a hospital gown all week and laid up in bed since we got home yesterday evening, she still had this elaborate plan. It didn’t quite work out exactly like planned but all throughout the day at different times, she had little things she had purchased hidden for me.

2014-02-14 13.06.01 2014-02-14 21.45.35 2014-02-14 21.45.26 2014-02-14 21.27.24 2014-02-14 20.05.01 2014-02-14 18.55.39 2014-02-14 18.38.41 2014-02-14 16.51.51 2014-02-14 13.07.05 2014-02-14 13.06.26I’m one lucky guy!


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