The Power of Media

The above picture was taken in Sagua de Tanamo, Cuba in 2012. This is a small town on the far eastern part of the Island of Cuba. As with many nations, the further you travel away from the city, the less you see of technological advancement. The further east you go in Cuba away from the western city of Havana, the more primitive the surroundings become. You shift away from public transportation on older, run-down buses to lines of horse and carriage taxis and thatched roof outhouses. This small village falls very much in line with this. These children are members of the families with whom we are doing ministry with. The pictures below are from the property of the seminary.

The reason why I find this particular image so interesting is because it demonstrates so vividly the impact and speed of communication. The older young man crouched down towards the front is holding up a sideways peace sign with his hand. This is a common hand signal used in pop culture in the United States and other nations. While the peace sign was a hand gesture that grew popularity in the 1960’s, it wasn’t until the last decade that pop artists began using it horizontally as this young man is showing.

This begs the questions, where did this young man learn that this was popular? What attracted him to this symbol to the extent that he throws it up while posing for a simple photograph? The very fact that he is posed in this manner demonstrates just how powerful media can be. It can travel where electricity may not be able to. It can transcend language barriers, culture differences, and geographic chasms to the point of altering ones preference in photographic pose. The primitive children spoke no English, were half dressed and barefoot on the off road path; but they knew how they should pose for a photograph.

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