Why Cuba?

ImageFor those unaware of the purpose of this ministry partnership in Cuba, I will try to briefly explain. My family and I have produced a television series featuring bite size portions of movies that dramatically reenact the entirety of the Gospel of Matthew, the Gospel if John, the Acts of the Apostles, and will soon include the Gospel of Luke. These are word for word reenactments of the Bible and only feature limited portions of my father serving as a tour guide of sorts to inform the viewer what they just saw, possibly add some cultural and practical context, and then explain what they will next see. This series is called Today With God. The introductory episode of this series is a one hour program that asks and answers the question, “Who is Jesus?” These programs were written and produced in such a way that they can be embraced with open arms by any person who believes the Bible regardless of denominational leanings. It is because of this that I believe it is a perfect tool to help unite the body of Christ to reach the lost with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Though I have talked about developing a curriculum to go along with this series for many years, I simply have not had the time. It was on my first journey to Cuba that I decided I would get help from others and we would finally accomplish this goal.

I reached out to my pastor, Everette Pafford, and explained my idea to have a Sunday School class in our church work to actually develop this curriculum. He was enthusiastic about this possibility and we both decided that Ted Sauceman would a good person to help accomplish this task. So we approached Ted and he was more than excited to be a part.

When my brother Ben heard what we were doing, he had been in the senior pastor position for just a few months. He shared that he would like to join in our mission and said he believed one of his leaders, Jon Pignatelli, would be excited to do a portion of the curriculum. He was immediately on board and excited to join us.

I told my friends in Cuba, who had already been doing the translation work, and they were excited about the possibilities. It was clear to me on my first trip that this outreach was going to make a huge impact on the island and it would be through the ministries of two mighty men of God, one by the name of Miguel and one named Carlos.

In March, Carlos and his son Carlitos, who had done the translations, came to visit me in the states. We talked a great deal about the potentials of what God could do through this ministry and we dreamed together about the possibilities of being a part of His plan. I was able to bring them to the classes that had been working to develop the curriculum and to introduce them to the pastors who blindly got behind this vision.  God clearly continued doing some mighty things. Carlos invited me to bring a team down in November to celebrate their 22nd ministry anniversary and unveil the big picture plan of Hoy con Dios, Today With God. He also shared a bigger vision to take the “Who Is Jesus?” Program and distribute it across the island through DVD to share the message of Christ. This is such a massive vision that it can only be accomplished with God. Without His hand of involvement, failure is inevitable.

In June of this year, Pastor Miguel came and spent time with me in my home. Just like with Carlos, we talked about big vision and what The Lord could do through this ministry. I was able to introduce him to pastor Everette and my church. It was in this service that we announced we would be leading a team to Cuba in November and the interest was shocking. Many people were excited about this possibility.

2 thoughts on “Why Cuba?

    1. Yes they are. I believe over 4,000 DVDs have been distributed and are being actively used in over 1,000 different churches and at roughly a dozen different seminary locations. It’s been a great encouragement.


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