Obstacles in the Lead Up

ImageThe time is 11:46 PM on day 4 of this trip and I have finally been given a moment to pause and take note of the events of the past several days on this second “Journey To Cuba.” This journey has encountered so many obstacles that it is extremely difficult to even recount everything. However, I feel the need to attempt it because overcoming each obstacle serves as a testimony of God’s goodness.

The struggles for this trip started months earlier and seemed to only escalate as the trip grew closer and closer. Nearly each and every member of the team was met with difficulties. One member was having issues at work and his mother was given less than six months to live while another member had his workforce quit on him a week or two before the trip. One member had his sister diagnosed with ALS a week or two before leaving and another had somewhat urgent issues with needed dental work. The kicker came just one week prior to leaving when Johan, who was actually the leader for the trip, received a phone call that his entire home had flooded and everything on the first floor was a loss. This ultimately caused Johan to decide he simply could not make this trip with us and I was to take over leading the team down. While these only list a very small amount of the obstacles that team members experienced, hopefully they adequately express the severity of what attacks came against us. These do not even list things like our airline changing plane sizes a week prior to our trip forcing us to fly over on two separate days or the airport charging over $600 in taxes that were not planned for. Nevertheless, God had everything under control.

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