Tony Romo

Cowboys GameI’m so happy that the season has officially begun. I actually get a little depressed when the season ends every year. I took the above picture a couple of years ago. Tony Romo is often times ripped by Dallas fans and a large number of NFL fans in general. I personally don’t think he is the issue. It’s easy to blame him for the Cowboys losses over the years. Sure he has had his mistakes – some of them real big. But you can’t comment on him being a bad quarterback and completely forget about how bad the offensive line has been the past couple years. A good bit of blame also falls on the coaching staff for calling some pretty crazy plays. Lastly, some of the greatest blame falls to owner Jerry Jones for trying to run this team when he clearly shouldn’t. Sure he has some Superbowls as owner, but those aren’t really to his credit. He simply took what was already in play and reaped the benefits.

Consider that Romo has been a top 10 quarterback all but twice since he became the starter for Dallas halfway through the 2006 season. 4 of the past 6 years he has been in the top 5 for either passing yards or touchdowns. He has set records for Dallas including the most 300 plus passing yard games and 3 or more touchdowns per game. Romo holds the #5 all-time career passer rating of 95.6 and the #6 all-time yards per attempt record of 7.9. Next, think about the dismal quarterback situation in Dallas prior to Romo. He is the greatest quarterback we have had since Troy Aikman.

So, before anyone wants to hate on Romo, look at his stats. Making some bad passes, fumbling the ball or throwing interceptions sometimes do not validate an argument for him being a bad quarterback.

Lastly, if you are interested in talking about football and are in the camp that believes Romo is a bad quarterback, please let me know at the beginning of the discussion so I can tune you out for the remainder of it.

One thought on “Tony Romo

  1. Quarterbacks seem a little bit like Pastors and Presidents to me in the sense that they tend to get disproportionate criticism or credit for the successes or failures of the teams (congregations/governments) they lead. Unfortunately a really good leader can burn themselves out trying to raise the level of a struggling team to mediocre effectiveness by taking more on themselves…then they take the blame for the mediocrity as their reward.

    The idea of leadership for those who covet it, tends to center on power and notoriety. It’s the unreasonable expectations and constant criticism part that some tend to forget until they see how a US President can go gray in 4 years.

    …being a life-long Wisconsinite leaves one conflicted on Romo, as our affection for our own is difficult to maintain in the context of the (ahem) Cowboys.



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