This past May I had one of my biggest OOPS in photography. I was in the Kenai peninsula of Alaska just south of Anchorage. I decided to go down to the beach, not far from the place I was staying, to see if I could photograph some wildlife.  You could imagine my excitement when I got there to find the beach was filled with eagles. Apparently, Homer was at one point the eagle capital of the world. I was just 30 minutes north of that point. unfortunately, earlier in the day, my wife and I went exploring the area on a 4-wheeler. Being the nerd that I am, I tucked my Canon 5D Mark III camera body and Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS L-series lens into my jacket. I didn’t want it to get wet when we went through the mud puddles but I wanted to be ready to photograph moose and bears when we saw them. At some point in this ride, while under my jacket, the setting for the quality of image was changed from fine large jpeg with additional fine quality RAW image to no RAW and the very lowest quality jpeg.

I took hundreds of awesome pictures that afternoon. They were possibly my favorite shots from this particular Alaska journey. But when I went to review them the next day, I realized the unfortunate news of what happened. With that, I now have a bunch or real cool eagle pictures that are not good for much more than posting on this blog or facebook. What a bummer! Hopefully, you’ll at least enjoy them.


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