Back To School Bash

A local church at 3829 S. Carrier Parkway drew special attention recently from the Grand Prairie Independent School District. On Sunday, Aug. 18, Abundant Life Assembly of God Church hosted its second annual “Back To School Bash” where church members supplied community children with book bags filled with school supplies. Advertisements

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9/11 – A Moment of Unity

It feels like the America of the 21st century is more polarized than any other time in history. That’s a hard statement to qualify since I was not around during the Civil War or even the Vietnam War. Political, religious, and even simple moral viewpoints are immediate tension triggers in relationships. Just a month ago […]

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Tony Romo

I’m so happy that the season has officially begun. I actually get a little depressed when the season ends every year. I took the above picture a couple of years ago. Tony Romo is often times ripped by Dallas fans and a large number of NFL fans in general. I personally don’t think he is […]

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What Do You Do All Day?

My friend came up to the office the other day to help me with some Spanish translation work. Even though we have been friends for over a decade, he wasn’t really sure what I did. At one point he said, “Josh, what do you do all day?” While the answer is never the same, I […]

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Non-Linear editing . . . ON YouTube

I’m currently working on my masters degree from one of the nations best schools for communication – Regent University in Virginia Beach. In one of my current courses, I learned something new: YouTube has a fairly good non-linear editing program that is FREE. For those of you who aren’t very experienced in video editing, that’s […]

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This past May I had one of my biggest OOPS in photography. I was in the Kenai peninsula of Alaska just south of Anchorage. I decided to go down to the beach, not far from the place I was staying, to see if I could photograph some wildlife.  You could imagine my excitement when I […]

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