I’m kinda simple

I’ve been accused of over-thinking things and certainly overdoing things.    Many people have made comments along the lines of “You are the most busy person I know.”

Josh & Dad
Yep! That’s me at my Bar Mitzvah (Age 14 – I was a little late). I did have hair once and there was a time when there wasn’t any on my face.

When I was roughly 15 years old, I decided I wanted to create a maze using graph paper.  I did.  It ended up being roughly 54 pages taped together with one maze woven throughout each page and each page containing full-page coverage.  I was committed to creating the worlds largest maze on paper for entry into the Guinness Book of World Records.  After months of working on this maze, I came to the conclusion that it was really a waste of time.  I never even attempted to go through the maze.  I simply threw it away because it took significant effort and would result in nothing fulfilling.  It opened my eyes to why spending my time on such things just isn’t worth it.

I can understand how working several different jobs within multiple companies and ministries can cause one to come to the conclusion that I am complex.  In all truth, I’m really not that complicated of a person.  I love the Lord with everything in me and I want my life to scream praises to His name.  I love my wife more than I ever thought was possible and am fairly certain I will love her even more tomorrow though I cannot fathom how.  I love my kids and take pride in watching them grow into what God has created them for.  Everything else is peripheral and only partially relevant.  It’s my job to sift through life’s opportunities and separate the “mazes” from things more purposeful.

The way I see things, I am called to change the world for Christ.  This must happen by first changing my own world.  It cannot be done by accident.  It cannot be done through my own abilities.  It cannot be done without commitment.  As such, I try to view my life the way Mrs. Spradling taught me to write research papers not too long after that world record attempt; write your thesis first and then make sure that everything after it is purposed to support that thesis.  The key is to have a great thesis to begin with and it dawned on me that becoming known for a big maze simply didn’t pass the test of greatness.  It doesn’t matter how long my paper gets as long as each new paragraph in my life is intentional towards that thesis.  That thesis may get reworded from time to time but the general concept never changes.  “I want to live my life for God and help others to do the same.”  It wasn’t long ago that I preached a sermon at Abundant Life emphasizing the difference in living your life FOR God versus simply living your life WITH God.  That same general teaching was something I shared on CrossTalk International below (roughly 8:10 into the video).

ScriptureMy father always points out that one day, we will all face our maker.  When we do, “what will we have to lay at His feet?”  It’s important that we live our lives to the very fullest and intentionally for Christ so that we are storing up “treasures in heaven.”  Anything short of that is simply a mistake.  This “thesis” should extend into every area of our lives including our family, our work, and our relationships.

Once you understand the above, my hope is that you understand me.  I am a workaholic but I don’t see it as a sickness.  It’s simply focus.  I live my life with several compartments.  Each element sits in its own area with an effort to make the base of those compartments connected by the common foundation of Christ.

The bottom line is that “I’m kinda simple.”  No matter how complex my life or my calendar of appointments gets, it’s still kinda easy to follow and understand me (or at least I think so).

2 thoughts on “I’m kinda simple

  1. Josh, What a lovely read. I am very proud of you…and I’m sure Mrs. Spradling would be, as well!! Glad you and Jordan have continued your friendship since 7th grade. Hugs and blessings, Gayla.


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